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Insulate your existing roof

You don't need to remove your roof to experience the benefits of replacing your roof. Too hot in the summer? too cold in the winter? We have a system where, we can insulate your existing roof by adding timber battens to the inside and insulating, then sealing with PVC cladding.

during installation

silver back insulation

Insulated to keep the heat in, and the cold out. vapour barrier to stop the moisture. Timber battens get fastened to the existing pvc rafters, this helps us fit the cladding with ease.

finished product

Finished product

We are the UK’s market leader for state-of-the-art conservatory roof insulations, designed to help homes across the country save money on their energy bills.

The problem with so many conservatories is that you end up with an igloo in the winter and a greenhouse in the summer – neither one of them is somewhere you want to unwind!

Conservatory roof insulation regulates the temperature and environment of your conservatory all year round. This enables you to get the most out of your extra space.

Cheapest way to make a big difference

Warmer in winter

The roof’s layer of super foil insulation will slow the rate of thermal transfusion through the conservatory, ensuring that heat stays inside the home.

No sun bleaching

Acting as a radiant barrier, the roof will protect your furniture from UV-ray damage such as fading and bleaching.

Reduce heating bills

With significantly less heat loss, you’ll no longer have to overwork your central heating or resort to portable electric heaters. Your energy costs will soon fall.

Quieter living space

With higher standards of noise insulation, outdoor traffic and thunderous rain will no longer prevent you from relaxing in your upgraded conservatory.

cooler in summer

Unlike dysfunctional glass roofs, our roof solution reduces solar heat gain, helping the conservatory to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

Energy efficient

Your conservatory will no longer be an energy vacuum but become a stylish and sustainable part of an eco-friendlier home.

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