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The purpose of this policy is to stipulate how we will identify, manage and respond to any complaints received. Showing our commitment to our customers and our endeavor to always provide the best possible service.

Complaint handling forms a key part of our staff training programme, and we ensure that all customer facing staff have been trained in how to identify and manage complaints accordingly.

We firmly believe that we provide a first-class service to all of our customers, however, we do understand that sometimes things may go wrong leaving our customers not entirely satisfied.

When we are made aware of any shortcomings in our products or services, we will always respond professionally and courteously, ensuring that all complaints are handled objectively and without undue delay.

As a professional business, we would like to know where we went wrong and how we could better ourselves so that in the future the same mistake is not made to another customer.


Our first step is to assess whether the complaint points raised relate to us or a 3rd party, such as the lender who provides the loan to the customer, and whether the complaint is an eligible complaint from an eligible complainant.

After the initial information has been collected, the Complaints Manager will assign the complaint to an appropriate member of staff.


The designated person will not have any conflicts of interest in managing and investigating the complaint. All complaints will be investigated competently, diligently, and impartially so we can be sure that we are able to treat our customers fairly.

Following the steps shown in the process below the complaint will be thoroughly investigated and the Customer will be kept appraised by the agreed communication method on a regular basis.

Once the complaint has been fully investigated the Complaints Manager will authorise any appropriate action which may or may not involve compensating the customer.

Steps taken to resolve

  • We will aim to get back to you within 5 working days.

  • If we need longer, we will make contact with you to explain why.

  • We will assess the complaint in a fair nonbiased manner as to which we will aim to resolve it.

  • If after 8 weeks the complaint is not resolved, we will send you a letter explaining our reasons.

  • You have a right to seek legal help if we can't come up with a resolution mutually. 

  • When we have come to a conclusion, our team will write to you via post or email to explain our views in detail as to how we have reached our decision. 

How to make a complaint

  1. by post to- unit 5, shorts farm, scallows lane, west Wellow, Romsey, so516dx

  2. Email-

  3. phone- 01794331332

  4. Fill out the form below

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